“Together we joyfully grow”. With love and passion we support our little stars and offer them the creativity and care they need to develop their own individual personality.

Bilingual and multi-cultural
We are a 100% bilingual children’s group and speak both languages German and English. Therefore, we read and sing in both languages, too. Also, we let the children have fun to explore different cultures.
Kids ages 0.5 and up
We provide quality care for kids of all ages. In contrast to many other Kindergruppen we do welcome kids aged 6 monthes and above and provide an enviroment where they can savely interact with older kids while enjoying all the benefits of a peer group setting. We offer two groups, one for kids aged 0-3 years and one for kids aged 3-6. Our groups mingle in the morning and later afternoon and can visit each other during the day. The peer group programme is filled with age apropriate activities and even our youngest ones can join all activities including painting and even yoga :-)
We enjoy learning through our creativity and build our program around it. Every day, we explore various materials like wood, glass, clay, etc. and experiment with different colors. The musical development is also very important to us. To get the most out of this wonderful method of teaching through music, we also integrate special training hours in the week guided by professionals.
We have monthly themes in which we explore various subjects of life profoundly. These themes we integrate in our morning circle, our daily ritual to start the day; and we chose a special theme-song too. Themes also tie in with excursions for the older kids.
Always updated
The parents need to know what we do and therefore we update our Facebook page frequently. This Facebook page is a closed one and only parents and people with permission are able to acces it. It also helps parents with small children who are just learning to speak. By looking at the pictures, the parents understand what we did and can help the child to find the right words. Enjoy!